Bible reading and understanding made easier with BibleReader

Reading, learning, annotating, and comparing Bible passages is easier and more instructive with this excellent application.

BibleReader for Mac is, as the name implies, a utility for displaying the Bible. Included in the application are the King James Version and the American Standard Version Bibles, as well as two commentaries, a Bible dictionary, and a resource guide for quick cross referencing. There's also a set of add-ins (some at additional cost) with additional resources available. Installation is quick.

The BibleReader interface is clean and easy to use, and a library of free add-in books enhances the appeal of the basic package. This isn't just a way to read the different versions. You can see the same passage in multiple translations, or view commentary on specific passages. The ability to add commentary or notes, highlight any text, and create bookmarks for quick jump points will also be appealing to many. There's also a search option that lets you find words or phrases in English, Greek or Hebrew.

For Bible studies, casual reading, or intellectual pursuits, BibleReader is a well-designed and complete package. It is easily among the best Bible applications we've seen for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone (there is a Windows version as well).

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