Test your time management skills with Hello Kitty Cafe

Run your own cafe and have fun while learning how to make your business successful with Hello Kitty Cafe.

Although Hello Kitty Cafe wasn't created with an educational intent, the player, which in this case is a kid age 9 or above, is responsible for running a Hello Kitty restaurant. As a result, players will learn time management and efficient work tactics. However, as the player progresses, the accelerated pace as well as the multiple options available could affect the user experience. Also, the temptation for in-app purchases will be high to make the game successful.

Hello Kitty Cafe is a well-designed, cute little game that kids will love to play, especially with the iconic figure at its center. It is a restaurant-style game in which you have to invite the customers to the table, make their food, take their money, and then begin the next round and start the sequence all over. The player can even customize the Hello Kitty Cafe. The game will test the player's time management skills as the number of customers will increase at a fast pace. Players have to be careful how they handle the situation in order to have all the customers leave with smiles on their faces. The controls are simple and quite intuitive, which makes the app easy to play. The only challenge is the speed you serve your customers, which is important since you earn coins that you can use to upgrade the cafe. The coins are also used for hiring more employees, which makes the workflow much easier and obviously results in more satisfied customers and positive daily reports.

Overall, Hello Kitty Cafe is a free, nicely designed app with lots of challenges in terms of time management and working efficiency. The fast-paced game has great potential for children to learn how to manage juggling multiple tasks.

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