Answer tricky questions to test your IQ with Stupidness 2

Find out how smart you are with the seemingly simple questions Stupidness 2 poses.

If you expect wise questions and wise answers, then Stupidness 2 isn't the game for you; instead, the app will shock and entertain by asking simple questions and, by playing on the ambiguous nature of the language, will trick you. In the end, the answers are obvious, but you need to think outside the box to figure them out.

With Stupidness 2 you shouldn't expect sharp visuals or awesome audio effects; this is an app that is focused on brainteasers, all of which are designed to use your mind and creativity with a single aim: to make you feel stupid (depending on your aptitude).

The goal of the game is to answer 35 questions and finish with as high an IQ as possible. You have an allotted time for each question, and after five successfully completed questions, you will reach a checkpoint where the app displays the IQ rating and resets the time. This allows you to restart from that checkpoint if you fail to answer the next few questions.

Don't take this IQ score to heart, as it has no relevance to reality; while the first 5 or 10 questions boost your IQ, the score then drops the longer you spend solving a question, and a penalty of 15 points is applied if you have to troubleshoot the question.

We had fun while playing the game, as each question is an attempt to trick you, and some of the questions employ wordplay that makes them almost impossible to answer. Others use the iPhone's features such as its gyroscope or touch possibilities.

Considering this app is free to download, and it's pretty addictive, we recommend it to people who'd like to have short-term fun, while filling up some spare time.

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