Test your reflexes with Wipeout Dash

Face the challenges of physics with Wipeout Dash, a fun game for the iOS.

Wipeout Dash will force you to use the iPhone accelerometer, as it is tilt-controlled along with a simple tap gesture that makes the ball jump. In the beginning, you will get the idea of how the basic controls work for the app before you jump into a real game. We liked that you select the levels by tilting the iPhone and keep it balanced to launch the game, emphasizing once again that the app has lots of challenges ahead. The app will get you to race to the finish line to get the best time while battling against a bunch of obstacles, all designed around physics rules. While the game starts with an easy level to get into shape, you can start by polishing his/her reflexes, because they will need them.

The design is kept simple, boosted with 3D graphics that enhance the user experience, but the difficulty level of the game is a real challenge for each level of player, especially novices. Also, Wipeout Dash will surely put your reflexes to work, as the challenges are spontaneous with no time to prepare and make calculations for jumping, which makes it fun to play.

Overall the app can be very addictive, although sometimes we noticed that the controls aren't responsive enough. This drags the overall gaming experience down, but we still think most people will find this free game fun to play.

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