ACDSee 15 offers a top photo editing and managing suite with integrated online storage

Edit, enhance, manage, catalog, save, store, send, and share your images with this premium app.

ACDSee 15 is a full-featured photo editor and manager optimized for home and business users. It shares many features and capabilities with ACD's pro photography applications, including powerful image editing tools that can handle the tasks you need as well as gigabytes of online storage space that you can use to organize and safely store tons of images. You can access your account anywhere, and from any computer or related ACD tool, by simply logging in. But ACDSee 15 is also specifically geared to make it easy to post and share your photos online, create slideshows and CDs, add special effects, and generally get more out of your photos. The fully featured ACDSee 15 is free to try for 30 days.

When you install ACDSee 15, you can choose to associate all your image files, those not currently associated with an app, or manually choose which files it will handle. Like much of ACDSee 15, you can change your choices later on. New users will need to create an account to use ACDSee 15's online storage space and other features, though users with existing ACD accounts can log right in. As with its features, ACDSee 15 bears a family resemblance to ACD Systems' other image editing apps, with variations specific to the program. An optional Quick Start Guide opened with the program. This well-illustrated tutorial describes and depicts ACDSee 15's features and settings. You can do a lot, such as adding external editors and media software like TiVo and QuickTime; or managing very large collections of images on your PC, online storage, or other network or offline location, media, or device. You can process batches; create slideshows and other presentations; email, import, export, and share images; add effects; and much more. The Help menu includes a full manual.

We were eager to try ACDSee 15's Sync Wizard. It guided us through each step of creating online copies of our images and other data. ACDSee 15 automatically synchronizes the contents of local and online folders, making sure that everything is up to date and protected from hard disk failure, theft, and other threats. For those who frequently need to upload images or share them online, ACDSee proves to be a very helpful tool.

Editors' note: This is a review of the full version of ACDSee 15. The trial version is limited to 30 days.

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