Create professional, rotating photo presentations with VR Photo

Stand out from others by creating professional, rotating photo presentations of your objects using VR Photo.

They say an image is worth a thousand words, but there are situations when a single image just isn't enough. VR Photo helps you by taking multiple photos and combining them into one image that you can view from multiple perspectives.

In the past, if you wanted to share an object with a client or on your website, you had to shoot multiple pictures with the iPhone (or iPod Touch) from each side and then present them one by one. However, VR Photo now does the exact same thing, but better. It guides its users on how to take pictures of the object with the result image being one single file that contains a rotating view of the photographed object. At launch the app will introduce the user to the idea as it shows an object rotating around its axis as you swipe from left to right. Knowing a couple of photo tricks is useful, but even a novice user can shot very good photos if they follow the instructions described in the Help section.

While there are other free alternatives available on the market, like SpinCam for example, they lack the sharing options VR Photo provides. This includes sharing via FTP, email, or HTML (which allows the recipient to view the file on his/her desktop). We liked the widget format, which works directly with iBooks Author, and is very useful for illustrating interactive ebooks.

The $2.99 price tag seems a bit high when compared to the average price of $1 to $2 of other apps available in the App Store, but it's reasonable considering the additional sharing options VR Photo has on offer.

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