Colorize your keyboard with Color Keyboard Pro

Bring colors into your iPhone's keyboard with Color Keyboard Pro.

While we think the iOS default keyboard is nicely designed as it is, Color Keyboard Pro allows you to choose from more than six different skins that have the full set of QWERTY keys in various colors.

At launch, you'll see a colored keyboard with one of the available custom skins. While it was very easy to choose a skin, we found it annoying that the click is louder when you type than with the original iPhone option, and we couldn't find a reasonable explanation for this.

You can also use Color Keyboard Pro to create messages. When you tap "Send," you'll go straight to the built-in sharing options: Mail, Message, and Twitter. However, the recipient won't see any color -- this feature is just for you. We didn't find it any easier or better to use this feature over the default options.

Overall, this app worked and it was easy to change from one skin to another, but even with a price tag of just under a dollar, we recommend this app only to those who aren't happy with the nicely designed default iOS keyboard.

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