Help Granny Smith catch the thief in this well-designed iOS game.

Have fun while helping the skating Granny catch the thief in a fun, intuitive, and well-designed iOS game.

Granny Smith, the protagonist of Mediocre Games' latest creation, isn't your typical grandmother. She does have a cane, but she uses it to chase after the thief who steals from her. The game provides a great user experience with a well-designed, uncluttered interface, and we can see how it could easily become addictive.

There are two onscreen buttons placed at the bottom left and right of the iPhone's screen, and these help Granny catch the thief and collect her apples before the thief does. One button is for jumping, and the second is used to extend Granny's cane to slide on the power lines. The overall user experience is enhanced by the simplicity of the controls and the creativity of the layout: one minute you help Granny fly over a house, and the next she will skate on underground pipes. Each new level increases the difficulty of helping Granny beat the bad guys. In addition, each time you finish a level, a short sepia-toned video will play the level back, giving the game a vintage feel.

The bottom line is that Granny Smith is clearly a winner. All the characters are well-designed, the layout is creative, and the overall experience is very good. Playing the game is fun, and it's surely worth the 99-cent price.

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