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Perform the same mouse gestures as usual right from your iPhone, iPad or Android device, by pairing your device with a Mac computer using Remote-mouse.

Remote Mouse is a free, lightweight, simple-to-use app that gives you the freedom of remotely controlling your computer (during presentations for example) by transforming your iPhone or iPad into a wireless mouse. The app does its job well, without any hiccups, although the advanced features such as the keyboard are locked in the free version of the app. This is kind of annoying, as the buttons are there but you can't use them.

At first start users will be guided to the official site of the app to read the manual in order to help them get started. However, there isn't too much to learn about, as the controls are easy to understand and easy to access. The application is so light, it's almost invisible, and when launched (if users don't opt for Auto Start) it can be controlled from the Menu bar. If using Remote Mouse for Mac, users also need to download the Android or iOS version of the app to couple the devices. For seamless communication, both the Mac computer and the iOS/Android device need to be connected to the same router. Controlling the computer from anywhere users have a Wi-Fi signal is enabled through this simple and easy-to-use application.

While we enjoyed using the app, we found that we couldn't use the virtual keyboard that appeared on our iPhone, which is annoying, as it takes up half of the interface; users have to spend some money to unlock this feature. Overall, Remote Mouse isn't for everyday use, as most Mac users have a mouse too, yet the app comes in very handy when you step away from the computer and want to control it through mouse actions.

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