Play the Snake

Fill your spare time by playing a real classic snake game in a modern remake on your Mac computer running Mac OS 10.6 or later.

With the era of the Gameboy over, Screen Snake is a game that brings that feeling back in a modern and original remake, right on the screen of a Mac computer running Snow Leopard or higher. While it won't help you with your productivity, its clean, intuitive interface will surely fill your time while you're waiting for an important email or the like.

Playing Screen Snake couldn't be easier: right after you launch the app, the snake will be available on the screen, as will its target, and it will crawl across until you press the Enter key to pause it. Depending on the background, you can make the snake change its color to become more visible by pressing the Space key, and the fun begins!

The app also permits some very simple and fun adjustments such as changing the snake's size at the start, or you can even have a multicolored, vibrating "disco" snake. Although the app can be adjusted to allow interaction with other apps, depending on the selected speed, it will crawl the screen in seconds. In other words, the user either has to play or quit the game. Depending on the available time to fill, the game can be customized to be harder to play by checking the option to have the snake collide with the screen sides.

Overall, Screen Snake is a game for everyone who misses the good old classic snake game. It is easy and fun to play if you like these kinds of games.

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