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DivX 8 for Mac is a tool for watching video on a Mac. The app installs a bunch of additional software like DivX Converter, DivX Community Codec, DivX Player Plus, and DivX Web Player, as well as Google Chrome, without asking the user's permission. Also, the free version of DivX Converter, like the other apps that come with it, can be used only for a limited time, which means it falls behind its open-source competitors, despite its nice interface and integrated mouse gesture controls.

Although the DivX package ships a bunch of tools, most of them are useless to Mac users. Still, the interaction within DivX apps is seamless, and the DivX Converter works just fine, although it couldn't handle all challenges. What we found annoying was that the app installs itself in the System Preference pane, and since it is 32-bit only (still), it requires a relaunch to open the preferences and adjust them according to your usage habits. Also, the install package installs Google Chrome, and even though we unchecked the "yes" box, we noticed a change in our already-installed Chrome browser.

The video player interface is nice enough, although its controls are pretty limited when compared with those of other open-source players such as MPlayer X and VLC. Overall, this DivX package could be useful for some who use DivX video files frequently, and those users might be tempted to upgrade, but QuickTime does a pretty good job of playing video on a Mac.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Divx for Mac 8.2.3.

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