Create your own candy

Add custom flavors, shapes and filling while you create your own virtual candy by playing with Candy-Maker-for-iOS.

Every child loves to create his or her own custom flavored and form of gum or candy, and Candy Maker takes this experience into the virtual world with a free app full of colors designed for iOS devices. While we loved getting to create our custom chewing gum, chocolate or candy, the limited available features, as well as the ads, were very annoying. This may be especially true when talking about 4-year-old kids, who tap on everything that pops up.

Candy Maker is an app that children will love to play. They can create their own virtual gummies, candies and much more just by using the iPhone. We loved that the interface was kept very simple with easy instructions. The fun interaction will make children laugh, especially when they see the result of their own work. The different shapes and colors are fun to play with, but most of the flavors or fillings are limited to three available options. The rest can only be unlocked using real money. This is pretty annoying along with the pop-up ads, considering that children tend to tap on anything that pops up.

The colors are good and the background music resembles a candy machine. This gives additional detail to the game, but the limitations affect the overall user experience. Kids will surely enjoy the app, and the interaction, as they have both auditory and visual feedback of their work.

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