Unleash your gladiator-self

Fight for your life in different locations and in tournaments and unleash your gladiator-self by playing a well-designed combat game, Blood & Glory: Legend.

While Blood & Glory: Legend resembles Infinity Blade in some respects, its well-designed user interface and great graphics and storyline enhance the overall user experience. Given the fact that it is free, anyone who liked the app's predecessor, Blood & Glory, will surely enjoy the enhanced game. Still, we found that the game doesn't quite differ enough from the previous version.

We like games that have a story, and the developers of Legend have given users a reason to kill all those monster competitors besides staying alive. The game has a central figure, Crimson, who has to pass all tournaments successfully in all locations in order to reach the head man and claim victory. Anyone who has played the game's predecessor will instantly know what's involved, but even novices should pick it up quickly. The combat is about a series of swipes and taps; you need to successfully defend yourself and then attack when the time is right.

We liked the fact that the game provides onscreen help and gives detailed explanations of how the controls work at start. Also, the game freezes each time a new type of action is required during the trial combats, which should help novice players.

The game's great, detailed graphics make it highly enjoyable, and we were pleasantly surprised that there was no continuous push for in-app purchases. Still, players who want to reach the end will need to invest some real money.

Despite the great enhancement in graphics, diversified enemies, daily challenges that bring extra bonus rubies, a great story, Legend appears to be very similar to its predecessor. Also, as you go through the tournaments, the challenges become harder and harder, which requires better gear only available as in-app purchases.

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