Eliminate your enemy

Protect your life by eliminating those evil gladiators within this well-designed game.

Inspired by the game Infinity Blade, Glu's free app, Blood & Glory, feels like a clone following the "it works so let's do it" recipe, as it places the user into a one-on-one arena fight as a gladiator, without giving any specific reason why. Putting the similarities aside, the user experience is greatly enhanced by the great graphics and on-screen help that assists novice users in getting started.

Blood & Glory takes the combat scene right into the Coliseum of Rome, which makes it different from the popular Infinity Blade. However, those who played the latter game will already be familiar with the combat techniques used for fighting an opponent. For those who have just started, the very well-designed and detailed graphics will catch their eye. Also, new users will enjoy playing the app to pass the time, as there are five trial games to boost their skills.

We liked how the user gets introduced to fight tricks, yet the combat continues to get harder as you defeat your opponents. With each win, more coins get put into the user's account. This virtual money can be used for useful upgrades such as weapons and shields. The rubies, which are the game's credits, will be used for buying portions of healing -- and you will need plenty of them -- and other goodies. However, this is where we felt a push for in-app purchase, as the app is freemium. So, as we unlocked new tournaments, the combat became much harder and the need for spending real cash become imminent -- at least, if we wanted to defeat the evil opponent.

While we enjoyed the great graphics and good audio background, we couldn't get over the clear mark of Infinity Blade. However, this free app will fill your free time and can be played for a while without spending real money.

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