Become the best sniper

Start a new life by finishing your mission of taking down the enemy as a sniper, via this easy-to-use, fun point-and-shoot game.

iSniper 3D: Arctic Warfare is a well-designed, first-person shooter iOS game that has all the necessary parts to become both awesome and addictive. With clear onscreen tips at first launch, the sniper's controls are intuitive enough to create a fun gaming experience. However, we get the feeling that the developers are pushing for in-app purchases.

We like that the game had a story to get you into the role. However, the graphics don't have too much detail, so you will just have to focus on improving your score, which is needed throughout the app if you want to reach new levels. As a sniper, your only role is to shoot the enemies and eliminate them quickly. There are two ways to play: you can choose between tilt and touch, both of them affecting your shooting accuracy. During our testing, the tilt control mode allowed us to play around using the iPhone's accelerometer, but the result was lower accuracy when compared with the touch mode, where you control the gun by touching the screen. There are a couple of limitations to this app that affect the game's overall performance and push you to upgrade. The game features a weapons shop where you can choose between 11 types of guns to increase accuracy, but this requires credit. So you can opt for an in-app purchase or wait until you have gathered the necessary credits. As you advance in levels, your gun's effectiveness decreases, and you can't shoot the bad guys with a single headshot -- you need two shots. This will cut down your time and health level.

Still, overall, iSniper 3D: Arctic Warfare is a fun app to play, and we recommend it for anyone who enjoys first-person shooters.

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