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Free the way ahead of your train to reach the finish by solving challenging puzzles in Rail Maze.

Rail Maze is a free puzzle game that brings back childhood memories. You play by assisting a little train from the start of a rail maze to the finish line, while solving easy puzzles. There isn't any action, or high-definition graphics, but continuous challenges enhance the overall gaming experience. Unfortunately, repetitive music plays constantly, which gets pretty annoying after a while.

The Rail Maze user interface is very simple, with no fancy eye-catching graphics, and dull explosions, but the puzzles are the point of the game. This is why any level of player can enjoy using it to fill some time. There are a couple of ways to play, and each of them increases the difficulty level as you unlock new levels. The Labyrinth mode gives the player some key points of the track, and these can be rotated in order to allow the train to reach the finish. There is no rush, but if you can try to solve them as fast as you can to earn some stars. The Labyrinth challenge can be enhanced if you launch the train and you try to solve the labyrinth while it inches toward the Finish. A simple tweak comes into the picture when there is a Pirate train on the railroad and you need to avoid it to reach the Finish.

The Build Railroad mode is more challenging than the Labyrinth, so any player that likes head-scratching puzzles will enjoy unlocking new levels -- again, until they get enough of the repetitive music.

Rail Maze developers have left two more game modes locked; these are sold as in-app purchases.

Overall, Rail Maze is a fun app if you don't mind the simple, childish graphics and the repetitive music. Those who love trains will surely like solving the challenges ahead.

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