Enjoy a virtual game of 8-ball

Fill your spare time by playing this simple 8-ball pool game right on your Mac.

Packed into a simple interface, the game Pool! comes with limited playing options, but it will become the favorite time waster of those who like playing 8-ball in real life. No stunning effects here, just simple pool playing.

At first launch, pool players won't be surprised by the limited play option available and the lack of a Help file. The explanation is simply that you don't need any help, as the game is a no-brainer. Players can choose whether they play the game against the computer or a friend, and Options are limited to just enabling and disabling the sound effects. That's all there is to it.

When you start the first game, you can adjust the table color or the shooting power, which is very cool; just like in real life, sometimes you need to have a stronger shot and sometimes not. Playing with the Power button slider will show users how far the ball will go, which is pretty cool. In addition, the app can display the numbers of the balls, but you don't need it, as you are playing 8-ball.

Also we found it very useful that the game maps out the cue ball's trajectory as well as the other balls'. The graphics are simple; nothing fancy, just enough to keep the illusion of playing on a pool table.

Overall, Pool! is a fun app to play, and we liked how the balls reacted while playing, which made the gameplay smooth. The sound is pretty basic, but despite its limited options, Pool! is a good app to fill some spare time, with or without your friends.

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