Stay alive in Red Crucible 2

Survive the battle in the desert, fight for your life and have fun, while interacting with a huge online community by playing Red Crucible 2.

The sequel to Red Crucible, Red Crucible 2, is a free first-person shooter that is available in the Mac App Store. Bringing the battlefield experience to its users in a multiplayer action, Red Crucible is fun, but the limited number of free guns available and the poor graphics affect the overall gaming experience.

Gamers who are already familiar with first-person-shooter games will likely intuitively know which buttons they need to use to start the game. However, the lack of a Help file is a problem for people who are new to first-person shooters. There is no storyline behind the game, but what we do like is that there is a large online community. This allows you to play against real people, not just the computer, which adds a bit of extra spice to the game.

Red Crucible 2's high-resolution graphics are merely adequate; those who hunger for excellent graphics will dump the game quickly, as there are other first-person shooters available with much better graphics. While the game is free to download, there is a catch. To survive and fight through all the available levels and game modes, you will need to spend some real money to get better guns. Otherwise you'll be stuck with the basic assault rifle you start with.

Red Crucible 2 is recommended for intermediate and advanced users only, but novice users who don't mind dying a couple times will also enjoy the game. Although the graphics are of low quality, the is app is free, so there's nothing to lose.

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