Go solo with Full Deck Solitaire

Enjoy playing all your favorite solitaire games, as well as getting to know less common versions, all of which are packed into this free, simple, well-designed solitaire game for your Mac.

Solitaire is one the all-time classic computer games: it constantly keeps the entertainment level high, just like the real game. Full Deck Solitaire joins the line of high-quality, free solitaire games available.

Full Deck Solitaire packs 22 delightful solitaire games, all wrapped up in one tight package. Within the game, users will find all the old favorites such as Klondike, Pyramid, and Spider Solitaire, as well as less common variations such as Tri Peaks solitaire and Thieves of Egypt. In other words, solitaire players will find all of their favorites in this one application.

We liked the intuitive, uncluttered user interface, with the sepia cards reminding us of how many times we had played it. Each time was just as much fun as the last. Also, the optional sound effects complete the card-playing experience; we enjoyed using it. In addition, players have an animated video background of a moonlit beach, with the sea lapping up on the shore -- very relaxing; it lets the player focus on the game.

While users have three decks to choose from, we particularly liked the antique version. However, if you dislike any of the available decks -- clean, antique, or large print -- you can create your own custom card backs, too.

We enjoyed playing Full Deck Solitaire; besides the nice interface and great sounds, the application has extensive stats displayed at the bottom, telling you everything about your performance. In other words, this game is a great version that draws on the best features of solitaire games available, all packed into a nice interface, and available for free from the Mac App Store.

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