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Play almost all available video formats with MPlayerX, a free, nicely designed open-source media player inspired by Apple's QuickTime X.

MPlayer X for Mac is a feature-rich media player built for everyday use. It packs all the features most users enjoy with VLC Media Player, but at the same time, it features a great look similar to that of QuickTime X. It also utilizes the multitouch gestures Apple built in into its native applications.

The media player's simplistic look is designed to feel like a native application on the user's Mac, and it manages to play almost any type of video format really well and without any hiccups. We liked that the controls disappear as soon as you start watching the video, and reappear when you need them. By implementing Apple's multitouch gestures, the player becomes just like a native Apple application. In addition, MPlayer X has built-in support to integrate the Apple remote, which also contributes to an enhanced user experience.

The remote lets you play and skip scenes and makes it feels like you are watching a DVD or movie on your TV. What we found very pleasing was the list of available tools to adjust the media while watching it. The Video Tuner will likely become the favorite tool for advanced level users, with sliders that allow for quick and easy media adjustment.

Another feature we liked about MPlayer X was its ability to automatically find the next episode of the video you are watching and to skip an episode by using shortcut controls. Also, the app can resume from where the user left off, like a native DVD player does.

MPlayer X could become the favorite player of many users who find the VLC interface old, as it ships with a much nicer graphical pack and has all the features they would want.

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