Convert PDF to editable format

Convert five pages of your PDF files into MS Word, Text, image, or EPUB formats within seconds, by using this easy-to-handle application for Mac.

Mac PDF Converter for Mac is a tool for everyday use, especially for those who need to work with PDF and text files, and its easy-to-use interface and speed help you save time.

The easy-to-handle interface makes using Mac PDF Converter a no-brainer, and it works straight out of the box: users can convert any PDF file to Word, text, image, HTML, or EPUB formats using the application. Although we missed having a convenient drag-and-drop function when adding files, we can live without it, if necessary. The trial version is limited to a conversion of five pages, which is adequate.

During our testing, though, the app crashed a couple times, especially when exporting to EPUB format or exporting a document with images. We noticed that the application doesn't always support text formatting, as the conversion sometimes preserved the capitalization, sometimes not, which can be disturbing -- particularly if you need to edit a 100-page document after converting it to text or an MS Word file. Overall, we can say the speed was satisfying enough, although we can only speak about the conversion of a total of five pages of the 230-page PDF document. We were pleased to see that the conversion preserved the original two-three columns layout of the text.

Overall, we find Mac PDF Converter for Mac useful, as it has all the necessary ingredients to become the application for everyone. But the crashes were infuriating and affected the overall performance and user experience.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Mac PDF Converter for Mac 1.2.

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