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Shoot the bad guys, fight for your rights, and have fun with iSniber 3D.

iSniper 3D is one of the most difficult sniper games you can find that will keep players practicing and coming back for more. The app doesn't excel in its graphic presentation, or Help section, but its intuitive interface keeps you glued to your iPhone.

As a point-and-shoot game, iSniper has a story to tell and an obvious mission -- pushing the player toward the game -- and it does all this smoothly. There is no pressure from outside, yet you'll get the temptation to push the "Start" button again after you've failed to accomplish your mission. The most fun part of the app is that there are three types of playing levels: easy, normal, and hard. However, none of them is all that easy. We liked the challenge of tilting the device, in other words using it as an M21, and shooting the bad guys, but it takes some time to get the right position for shooting. However, using the tool on the bottom left, which is a concentration button, will reduce the tilting sensitivity giving you enough time to place a headshot. iSniper 3D has the necessary elements to throw you into the world of a sniper, even if it is a virtual one. However, you have to finish your mission in a very limited amount of time, and you may feel a bit disappointed, as tilting, aiming, and shooting isn't as easy as it sounds at first.

Overall, we liked the game's dynamics, how the app uses the iPhone's accelerometer, and really didn't miss the graphical details, as the player needs to focus on shots, which is fun if you like challenges. Considering that iSniper 3D costs 99 cents, we found the push for buying guns as in-app purchases a bit annoying. However, the app will grab the attention of many advanced-level users, with its challenging levels and new missions.

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