Pet your monster

Take care of the cutest monsters available in the virtual world, by inheriting the Monster Pet Shop.

The App Store is full of games the let you pet cute little animals, but most of them differ only by how nice the cats or dogs have been drawn. But have you heard about annolys? What about pogonips? If not, it's time to visit the Monster Pet shop. It's a well-designed game disguised as a store management simulator, with charming little monsters and onscreen tips disguised as Uncle Oscar, your guide.

It's so nice to see a good story and great drawings, even if they are monsters. Monster Pet Shop has one clear goal: to keep the pets happy so they mature, at which point you can sell them for cash. However, the game has low focus on the store, or making money, compared with other similar apps. This allows you to focus on petting the monsters. We have to admit, we had tons of fun, because while you know how to pet a dog or a cat, you don't know how to pet a tuckle, so you have to explore this part. The monsters need all the attention you can give along with food, cleaning, and a toy to play with. Although these are the primary actions, the most fun part is that you have to guess what kind of food or toy they love, although this is only available for later levels; during the first three you have complete guidance from Uncle Oscar. This means you will have some surprises while playing the game, which is fun.

Players who want to cash-in as much as possible will be surprised as the game doesn't excel as a pet shop. Instead, it is a mobile pet simulator that focuses on pet care. And since Monster Pet Shop is a free app, it is hard to find a good competitor, especially one that gives you the pleasure of raising pogonips.

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