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Send a message or text all your friends for free using your Internet connection with Kik Messenger.

Kik Messenger for iPhone is a free, easy-to-use tool that has all the characteristics of a messenger application, as well as the advantage of texting, in an all-in-one, well-designed app. Its clean, uncluttered user interface will make interactions smooth, and the app will soon become one of your favorite texting tools.

We love how the developers have opened access to all mobile platforms and provided some great features you may miss on a computer-based social networking app. It is compatible with both portrait and landscape layouts, and you can switch between these at anytime. You don't have the limitation of SMS, yet you have the advantages of old-fashioned texting. A key feature of the messenger app we loved the most was that it displays whether your message is sent, delivered, or read. If your contact is offline, or just has the phone turned off, it will receive a push notification, and you will see a D (for delivered) appearing near the message and an R (for read) when the user has opened the message. You can also initiate group chats and, just like any messenger app, Kik has emoticons, too. All these features make Kik Messenger a fun social networking tool, helped by its clean interface.

What we find kind of annoying is the new account setup: Kik Messenger has the same experience as YM during setup, while other market players such as WhatsUp Messenger have already moved toward a simpler, faster registration based on your phone number.

Kik Messenger is recommended to all texters as one of the best tools to cut down phone bills.

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