Simple DVD ripping software

Record and copy your favorite DVD videos with Acala DVD Ripper Professional Free Cop.

Acala DVD Ripper Professional Free Copy is a free DVD ripper. It's an easy-to-use program for ripping some DVD videos and converting them into a number of video formats, as well as ripping the audio into popular audio formats.

The interface is good, though very simple in appearance. We were able to understand the layout and navigate it easily, but getting started was a little difficult without the tutorial video. The tutorial video doesn't completely match the free version we downloaded, but the steps are pretty much the same. Without it, we probably wouldn't have known how to set up the subtitles or even how to start recording. In our testing, the recording process took about an hour for a 3-hour video. You can also have the computer shut down after recording, so you can set it up to work and walk away. The software was stable and didn't have any issues while we were testing it. The video produced was good-quality as well.

Downloading this software is free, though you can register it. We aren't sure how different the registered version is, but the free version seems to work just fine for even a novice user once you watch the quick tutorial video. All the keys seem to be accessible even in the free version. Acala's download process includes a toolbar installation option, which is not necessary and would have been installed if we hadn't read through carefully. We would recommend this to anyone as long as they watch the tutorial video.

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