Help Perry in his mission

Have fun while helping your friend Perry the secret agent, who constantly gets stuck into its transportation tube.

A friend in need is a friend indeed, they say. And this is 249 times as true as Perry the platypus will become your friend as soon as you start playing Where's My Perry?, an iOS game signed by Disney. We were impressed by the great design, wonderful scenario, and easy-to-use interface that glues you to your iPhone.

Where's My Perry? follows the same format as another Disney game, Where's My Water? This time, however, the protagonist is Perry the platypus, a secret agent who, instead of being able to save the world, gets stuck in transportation tubes, and so needs your help urgently. Thing is, Perry's success relies completely on you: there are a bunch of puzzles you need to solve to help the protagonist succeed. The storyline may be familiar to some from Where's My Water?, but that didn't affect our interest at all in playing the game, as there is plenty of variety and plenty of challenges to face while helping Perry.

We liked the dynamics of the game, and the music accompanying the levels is a great addition to the simple, yet very detailed and well-designed interface. We also loved how intuitive it is: at first launch, you'll be told that you control the flow of the water to help Perry on his way, and the scenario gets more tweaks as you unlock new levels. Physics couldn't be more entertaining than playing Where's My Perry? Don't expect the levels to be too easy, either: sometimes the control is so tricky that you need to go through a level a couple times to solve it.

Where's My Perry? excels on every level: its great scenario, visuals, and audio have plenty of spice to drag your attention to Perry (and the flow of water) and keep you entertained. Its 99-cent price is well worth every cent, yet it only unlocks one chapter of the four available.

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