Be up-to-date with birthdays

Sync you Facebook account with this easy and kind of limited iOS app that has one single aim: to remind you of your friends' birthdays.

My Calendar Mobile is an iOS app with a single aim: to help you remember your friends' birthdays. Its nice design and uncluttered interface won't make it addictive, though -- not even for those who have plenty of birthdays to keep track of.

The app is the iOS version of the very popular Facebook application that reminds its users about their friends' birthdays. While the Facebook interface isn't visible, My Calendar Mobile needs to have access to your friends' birthday information. It can do this by syncing with Facebook or with your Contacts, or you can add birthdays manually. For social media platform users, Facebook sync would be the perfect choice, and once the app has finished the process, a calendar full of birthdays appears. Those days will be highlighted in green, and the user can see whose birthday it is along with the person's picture -- if available -- by tapping on any of the highlighted days.

Depending on how users set it up, the app alerts them just in time to be prepared for a party. However, if you disable the alerts, the app loses its primary and only feature. My Calendar Mobile's nicely designed interface doesn't hide its limited features, which will affect the overall user experience. The only additional feature you may enjoy is the app's ability to load the iMessage or Facebook app so that you can send an SMS message or post your message to your friends' Facebook walls.

There are other apps that remind us of our friends' birthdays, and obviously there is Facebook itself, which the app relies on. It's a bit annoying having to pay 99 cents for something that lacks additional features we can't find in other applications already available for free.

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