Convert pics quick with JPEG to PDF Converter

Convert your JPEG images into high-quality PDFs with this fast shareware.

If you need to convert JPEG images into PDF files that you can open in any PDF viewer, you can buy a big-box program for a big-ticket price, though that may be overkill, especially for individual users. You can try one of the free converters out there, but those can be underwhelming since many of them lack basic features and options. In between you'll find some affordable shareware that can do the job with a minimum of fuss and without sacrificing features or the extras that make them worth the cost, starting with technical support. That's the case with the Framework Team's JPG to PDF Converter. It's a simple but powerful tool that can quickly convert your JPEG images into high-quality PDFs, one by one or in large batches. It's free to try for 15 days.

JPEG to PDF Converter's compact, three-paneled user interface is plain but efficient, and at a glance it seems little different from the free tools. But as soon as we started using the program, we began to notice differences, and not just subtle ones like those that closer inspection revealed on the interface, such as cleanly rendered icons and buttons (not to mention a full user's manual). It's a quick program, too, briskly accessing features and folders as soon as we clicked them. We clicked the Options tab, but JPEG to PDF Converter's settings are rather basic, such as choosing whether to convert JPEGs to PDFs one for one or to combine all the JPEGs in one batch into a single PDF. That's simple enough to understand, as was the slider for setting output quality.

We quickly browsed to a folder on the tree view. Its contents appeared in the central panel's list view. We merely had to click arrows to add or remove JPEGs in the third panel, or up and down as needed, to create a batch. Clicking Convert processed our files so fast we thought something was amiss, but the converted files opened normally in our PDF viewer, and they looked great, too. In our view, JPEG to PDF Converter outclasses the free alternatives.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of JPG to PDF Converter 1.1.

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