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Open almost any compressed file with this easy-to-understand app.

We were impressed by Unarchiver for Mac, a free, supereasy app for opening almost all compressed file types. It integrates easily with your computer and worked perfectly in our tests.

As soon as you download Unarchiver for Mac, a little pop-up window will prompt you to customize the application to specify which files it should handle, where to save the extracted files, and whether the compressed file should be deleted after decompression. After that initial setup, you'll see the program's icon automatically anytime a compressed file is detected. Double-click the detected compressed file, and Unarchiver does the rest. You will still have the option to send files to a specific location, but this can be done on the fly. We tested it on each of the supported file types and were impressed with how quickly and accurately the decompression process proved to be. There isn't much user guidance or support provided for the app, but we didn't encounter any issues during our evaluation.

For its ease of use and top-notch performance, we recommend Unarchiver for Mac to anyone who frequently works with compressed files.

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