A tropical life

Live in a tropical wonderland.

If you've always dreamed of living in a tropical paradise, Tap Paradise Cove can make your dreams a virtual reality. The downside is that you may have to wait to wait longer to reach paradise unless you spend some cash.

Tap Paradise Cove is a city-building game set in the tropics. The interface is well-designed and draws you in from the beginning. There are plenty of areas to explore and new places to conquer as you begin life on an overgrown island and try to start a civilization of your own. If you love to explore, conquer, and build, Tap Paradise Cove has plenty of work for you. However, the same thing that makes the app strong also weakens it. With so much to do, the game tends to be very lengthy to play and the only way to pick up the pace is to pay up. On advanced levels, construction sometimes takes hours to complete, and unless you are willing to pay some hard money (up to $20) for speeding up the construction, you are forced to wait.

We liked how Tap Paradise Cove performed and it was fun to play, but in order to finish the game without spending real money, you'll need to be very patient.

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