Be the hero of the North

Enter into the forgotten world of Camelot. Defend your values and buildings and fight for your rights along with your friends through this real-time game right on your iPhone.

Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North is a game that pulls users in by letting them become heroes in the story. While we wished there was a bit more instruction offered, it proved to be an engaging game.

The game launches with a short introduction to the story to draw you in, followed by a tutorial to show you the basics of game. The necessary tools are just a tap away and there are on-screen tips to help you be successful in your mission, but users with less gaming experience will probably need some time to get used to how the game works. We did feel that a bigger screen than the iPhone's 3.5-inch display would make the app more enjoyable, but the well-designed user interface had enough detail to make it interesting without overshadowing the goal of building and owning towns (and eventually an empire). We enjoyed the action and graphics of the game and thought the sound effects created a nice atmosphere, but also liked the social aspects as well. It's a real-time game, so you can compete with others on a global level.

Overall, we liked how Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North performed and it was fun to play. After we got used to the screen size and how the game worked, we enjoyed both the social and gameplay features this app provides.

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