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Stop watching others playing soccer on TV and be the main player yourself in this top-notch soccer application.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is a free iOS app for soccer fans who want to do more than sit in front of the TV and watch the game. Its visual elements are very professionally designed and as soon as you launch the app, you'll enter into the atmosphere of a stadium full of spectators eager to watch a great soccer game.

The model players are decent enough to make the game fully enjoyable. As you launch the app, you'll be given the basics in a short tutorial, informing you about your controls, which (in the free version) are a joystick and A and B buttons to make passes and to shoot according to how long you press them. The controls do take some time to get used to on a flat screen, but as soon as you get the feel, you are off to a great soccer game.

PES 2012 has all the necessary elements of good TV coverage, too. We liked the replays of the best shots we took (obviously!), especially that, just like in a live broadcast, you get the same shot from different camera angles. Another great addition is the commentator's voice, along with the stadium noises, which increases the tension as a good goal opportunity approaches.

Despite some minor gameplay issues, PES 2012 is a fun app to use and won't cost you a dime to play.

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