Creative photo editing

Shoot and edit images with this great photo-editing application anyone can use.

Alexey Ivanov's Photofunia is a photo-editing tool that makes image editing a no-brainer. It takes only seconds to put your face (or anything you like) on a billboard, a stamp, or in a Warhol-like work of pop art (our favorite effects). In other words: special effects created in no time.

The well-designed interface is so easy-to-use that most won't even need the Help file. We loved the fact that Photofunia is able to access your picture gallery or new images. Simply select the image and the app automatically finds the faces in any image. You can easily insert the face over another body: a zombie, an astronaut, someone on a motorcycle, etc. In addition to effects, Photofunia comes with about 15 filters to further enhance the image you took. During our testing, Photofunia did its magic very fast using Wi-Fi, but if you are using a 3G cellular network, you might have to wait a while for the magic to happen. There are two drawbacks, though. First, Photofunia needs an Internet connection to apply the effect you have chosen; and secondly, it doesn't render the images at full resolution.

Still, we found it to be a fun app to quickly add special effects to our photo images, and unlike other photo-editing apps, Photofunia is offered free of charge. For casual users who want a simple app to liven up their pictures, this is a great choice.

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