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Have a video chat with your friends across all mobile platforms with this great app that you'll love the moment you use it.

Tango Video Calls is a free VoIP application for iOS with high goals, but low performance. The app is very easy to use, but its interface misses the finesse of a native iOS application such as FaceTime.

With its intuitive interface, most users will be able to skip the video tutorial and get started right away, especially those who've used a VoIP app before. Tango Video Calls does offer some great features, such as the FaceTime-ish video call (the primary aim of the app) or (what we liked the most) video messaging. We loved the concept of breaking down the wall between mobile operating systems, and we do value the initiative from Tango's developers. It was so good to have a video chat with our friends running Android, which isn't an option with FaceTime. Another feature we loved is the capability to receive Tango calls without the need to continuously keep the app running in the background. This prevents Tango from being a data and (most importantly!) battery hog. We did have some issues with the video quality of the calls, but these didn't detract from the app's overall usefulness.

We also liked the app's capability to switch between cameras, similar to Skype or FaceTime, but the images weren't as crisp as during a FaceTime call. What is good, though, is that Tango is not limited to Wi-Fi connections; it can also use your 3G connection, which makes it very handy.

Despite a few video and image issues, we highly recommend this app for its ease of use and its capability to cross platforms.

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