Shoot those evil pigs

Kill the waiting time with this top-notch game that makes math fun.

Angry Birds Seasons Free stays true to its name: it is a theme-oriented tweak of the original ABS game, with those themes being seasons. First-time players will be greeted by a well-designed user interface introducing them to the world of Angry Birds, which has found its way into the hearts of millions of people all around the world.

When you launch the app, you'll need to select a season, which includes not only specific seasons like winter, but also holidays like Halloween and Valentine's Day. You'll then receive some quick visual help to give you the basics of using the game, and when you tap done, the fun begins. At first glance, you might ask yourself whether you want to hunt those evil pigs, but as soon as you see your first bird flying and hitting the target, you won't stop until each of them has been sent to finish the assignment and finish the first level. And then the second one. And the third one...until you've completed all 15 levels.

We particularly liked the design, and we are still amazed how math can be popularized by such a simple app. At first, you'll be just launching those angry birds randomly, but after the first "failed" message, you'll start thinking about specific trajectories aimed at destroying as many evil pigs as you can with one shot.

Overall, Angry Birds Seasons feels and looks great, and it is a great way to put your mind to work during your downtime or daily commute.

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