Scare your friends

Make your friends believe you can track them through this simple app.

If you want your friends to think you're the type of person who would download an app to locate them, Mobile Tracker Free is built just for you. This free app gives a realistic presentation of tracking a phone number you enter, but it's just an illusion.

Mobile Tracker has a simple interface and you just need to enter a phone number in the search field to watch the drama unfold. As soon as you tap Locate, the app appears to search through provider databases and encrypted call histories, and then calculates the radio cell. In other words, it copies the moves of a real mobile spy app. Now the trick is that it doesn't do any of those things -- it simply displays your location -- so your friend (and his or her phone) will need to be standing close by for the joke to work.

Overall, we liked how the app interacts with the built-in iOS map application and Google Maps, creating the illusion of a real mobile tracker application. We're still not sure how funny others might find the joke, but if you want your friends to think you possess the ability to find them through their phones, Mobile Tracker is the right app for you.

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