Free video conversion

Change your video formats easily with Free Convert to Divx AVI WMV MP4 MPEG Converter.

The Free Convert to Divx AVI WMV MP4 MPEG Converter is an application for converting your video files into another supported format.

The features of this application are pretty simple. All you need to do is click Add to select a video and then click Convert to start the process. The time varies, depending on the file size. Also, the Format and Profile options that you choose will influence the conversion time. AVI video format seems to take longer (10 to 15 minutes for a 15-minute video), but MPEG-4 video is done in about 2 minutes for the same video size. The quality varies. Setting the Profile to Source made the images in the video blurry and a little delayed. Setting it to Higher or Highest quality resulted in a clear video, with no sound problems.

There's a tutorial available with images to make the instructions even easier to understand. There's also a FAQ page available, and links to the publisher's Web site and e-mail address. You can also quickly check for upgrades with the Upgrade button.

The download process was fast. Certain aspects of the installation process could be confusing to the average computer user, but there shouldn't be any significant issues once you get past that point, and it doesn't take very long to set everything up.

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