Grab your favorite YouTube video

Download your favorite YouTube videos with this application, which acts like a mini YouTube browser.

As its name suggests, 4Media Download YouTube Video is designed to help you download video files, but it falls short when it comes to providing a great user experience and in the types of videos you can download.

It begins with the installation of the app. As a Mac user you tend to forget the hassle of a Windows-like installation of apps, which the 4Media Download forces you to do. It does only take a few seconds, but still... The second Windows-like flashback comes as soon as you launch the application and you're greeted by a small window that has a very strong Windows look and feel. The third surprise: 4Media Download acts like a little browser which opens the YouTube Web site within the app. So essentially, you get the same feeling as launching a Web browser. However, you can start typing the keywords into the well-known YouTube search field and click on it to have the media file opened.

The app's interface is actually pretty decent. You have all the necessary buttons at the top of the application, but you can't download HD-quality media or convert videos into a more desirable format unless you are willing to spend some cash. We couldn't understand the reason of the big green arrow placed on the top right of our screen, showing the status of the download. A more discreet icon would have been nicer.

Overall, the application does its job decently, but there are better alternatives on the market right now and they also provide all of the necessary tools for free and in a much nicer interface.

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