Unleash your appetite for destruction

Become the blood-hungry great white shark in this easy-to-use game.

Jaws Revenge, the free app for iOS, has nothing to do with the movie, but it does involve sharks. This one-touch action game aims to unleash your appetite for destruction in a virtual beach. The downside is that all that destruction can get a little monotonous after a while.

With the little tutorial at the start of the game you'll get the basics in just a few seconds. We liked the nicely designed interface, which is attractive but not too detailed. Your goal is to control a shark with an insatiable need for destruction. It eats anything that stands in its way, even the birds flying above the sea. You'll need to face a new challenge on every level to gain credits and reach the next one, but with 30 levels to go through, Jaws Revenge can become a bit repetitive and even boring. What we did like are its sound effects, which we thought was the best feature of the game. They grab your attention fully and make the game more fun.

Overall Jaws Revenge is a nice free app you'll probably enjoy for a while, but most users will tire of the game before reaching all 30 levels.

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