Enhance your photos with HDR FX

Apply HDR filters and custom filters on your images by using HDR FX, an easy-to-use photo editing app right on your iPhone.

If you thought photo editing on an iPhone was limited by touch and the device's 3.5-inch screen, you must try out HDR FX, a free, intuitive piece of digital photo software designed for the iPhone.

At launch, the app looks like any other app used for taking images, yet it has additional features such as antishake, which is very handy for taking clear pictures. However, HDR FX goes beyond just providing a set of tools with which to take cool pictures. Right after you've snapped an image, the fun begins, as the app begins to analyze it and suggests the best filter from the total of 42 filters available.

We liked the dynamics of the process: HDR FX analyzes your scenery, sky, and foreground to provide thumbnails of your image with the filters already applied. All you have to do is pick the one you like the best and save it in your photo library. However, the most fun part is when you cut the ropes and set your creativity free, as HDR FX allows you to add custom effects to your images. And there are plenty of tools to play around with, making the app a bit addictive for those who like to get the most out of pictures. What we especially enjoyed using was the tool set that applies filters just on the sky (or let's say the top of the image), the scenery, and the foreground. But there is more. You can apply Photoshop-like enhancements by colors -- red, blue, and green -- so, finally, you can get what you are after.

And anytime you have a hiccup, the help section is always just a tap away, with video tutorials available, as well as descriptions. Overall, we enjoyed using the app, and as it's free, we highly recommend it to any level of user.

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