Pop those bubbles in Bubble Mania

Pop bubbles of different colors in the right order and kill time while you're waiting with this easy-to-use app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Bubble Mania is a free iOS app that will bring back the days when you used to pop bubbles to have fun and kill time while you were waiting for something. This time the bubbles come back with a tweak: you have to put them in the right order.

The app's interface couldn't be simpler, with instructions provided ahead of the game: pop 50 bubbles in less than 25 seconds, following the order of the bubbles at the top.

Yeah, that sounds like an easy job to do, and it really is on the first level, where you don't have any colors and don't have to differentiate them. The challenge starts on the second level, when one color enters the space and you have to follow the order of the bubbles shown at the top of the app. In other words, you have 25 seconds to both follow the order at the top and to pop the bubbles in the right order. We have to say, it's kind of challenging, as the whistle sound signals the start and you already have the feeling that this is a race against time. So you'd better hurry, but at the same time focus on the top as well on the colors...all too often, you may get disappointing results. However, this could be the incentive for bubble poppers to opt for an in-app purchase, which allows them to play infinitely, with no rush.

Overall, the application is nicely designed; we liked its simplicity, as the interface needs to be simple to make it possible to tap those tiny little bubbles. In short, this game can become very addictive for anybody who loves to pop bubbles.

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