I Folder Locker offers users higher file security

Secure your files with this software protection program.

I Folder Locker is a software application that adds security to your files and folders by locking them with password protection. Only the user who knows the password will be able to unlock and access the locked items.

There isn't much to this application, but what is there is something very useful and easy to use. You simply open the application, choose a folder or file to lock and then set up a password. To unlock the folder or file you go through a similar process but enter the already given password as the final step. Locking your files makes it so no one else can change, access and/or delete your personal and important folders and files, which is a great extra level of security. There isn't any Help page -- they do list a Web site, though -- but there really is no need for a tutorial to figure out how this works. It will advise you to move a folder off of the Windows drive when you try to lock it, however, since locking it there can cause issues with your computer. This is really the only thing we didn't like, and it is an insignificant little blip in the features.

The download and installation was very quick -- probably because it isn't a very large application, so there isn't much to download. Once it's set up, there's no need for registration or other annoying processes. You just download, install, and enjoy the benefits.

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