Device Doctor offers easy driver updating

Optimize computer drivers.

The Device Doctor is a software application used to scan devices on your computer for driver updates. Once the scan is finished, this application also offers a way to download the missing updates to improve the speed and quality of your device.

Once you bring Device Doctor up on your desktop, the steps are very simple. It says to plug in any external devices and then to press Begin Scan. After a short wait, you will be given a list of devices that require driver updates. The first time we did the scan, it came up with 20 devices that required driver updates. We tested the scan again and discovered a glitch. Now it said 220 devices were found, and a third scan resulted in 2,220 devices. The list of devices, however, remained the same, so it was strange but not a major problem. You can select a device -- only one at a time, apparently, which we thought was odd -- and then press Download Driver, which will take you to a Web site to download. Many of the files range from 70 to 100 MB. A good feature of this application is the Settings Tab, which allows you to schedule an automatic scan at startup.

The download and installation process was simple and quick. Always read through everything, though, so you don't accidentally approve another download. There wasn't much to read through, and it was similar to any other installation process. Overall we were satisfied with what this application had to offer.

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