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The GetGo YouTube Downloader is a software application for downloading your favorite videos and/or audio. You can view them offline on your computer or on other supported devices in a number of formats.

Overall, this video downloader isn't the best out there. It managed to download a 3-minute video in a little over 2 minutes -- the output was an MP4 (iPod Touch) -- and the video quality was clean, but the audio wasn't. It sounded a little like it was underwater. Other similar download software has had better sound but not as high quality video. One URL we tried to download didn't work because the program didn't support it. There are 13 output options from which to choose; that is a decent number but not the most we've seen out there. Although the name has YouTube in it, this software also supports downloading from MetaCafe and Dailymotion. Their Help page doesn't offer much other than a list of some of the features, but it does lead you to Support which is where the real help is. It's rather simple to use, though. Insert URL, choose Output and click Start. There's nothing much more to it other than choosing which folder you want your download to go into.

The installation is simple and fast. There aren't any ads to skip through and once it's set up it's ready to go. You definitely won't be tearing your hair out over getting this software started.

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