YouTube video conversion

Best Video Downloader aims to simplify video downloading.

The Best Video Downloader is an application that works through your Internet browser to convert and download YouTube videos in a number of format choices. It allows you to view or listen to the audio of your favorite videos on any electronic device that supports these formats.

We were surprised by how the Best Video Downloader worked. Once it's downloaded, all you have to do is go to YouTube and there will be a new button listed under the YouTube video you're viewing. It will say Download, and after selecting it you will be given 10 format choices from which to choose. You can also get the Album Art -- which is just a picture snapshot from the video -- and a Help button if you need it. This video downloading application is easy to use, and there are even simple instructions and pictures when you first set it up to make sure you know how it works. For short videos the conversion and download process should be quick, but we found that anything over 3 minutes took significantly longer.

The download process was OK. We had to read through everything carefully because there were a few special download offers that we would have missed otherwise. They make sure that you notice that most of them are unnecessary for completing your download, but there's one that is confusing. Once you get past that, the rest of the download is simple. There were no glitches, so we'll continue to use this.

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