Back up your favorite music

Save your music library from your iPod onto your Mac computer in no time.

If you are looking for a third-party application to back up your iPod music library to Mac OS X, xPort may be an option to consider. It detects your iPod as soon as you plug it in, and presents you with two powerful buttons aimed at saving your favorite music. The only downside is that it works only with the iPod, and not other Apple products.

When you launch xPort, you're greeted by a clean, easy-to-understand interface. As soon as you see the iPod's audio content, xPort gives you several ways for content backup: you can select the songs you wish to save by selecting them one by one, or (and this is what we liked) there is an option to see the whole music library organized by Title, Artist, and Album, just like you are used to in iTunes. When you have all these selected -- this can be achieved in no time -- the fun begins. Simply press the Export button and you'll have all the information you put into that library, such as ratings, play counts, and date last played, plus any artwork, saved onto your Mac computer.

During our testing, xPort worked very well. We were pleased with how easy, and fast, we sent 40GB of music to our desktop. You will have to make sure to put your iPod into disk-use mode for the application to recognize it, but this was an easy step to remember. We were a bit surprised that xPort isn't compatible with the iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone, but that was the only downside we found with this handy app.

Although we were surprised to discover its compatibility limits, xPort's easy-to-understand interface can help anyone quickly save data from an iPod to a Mac.

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