Record your thoughts with All My Journals Free

Keep track of your daily happenings with this powerful, flexible program.

If you prefer something a little fancier than a word processor file for journaling, there are plenty of options to choose from. All My Journals Free is one of the better such programs we've tried. It has a simple, classy interface with plenty of useful features and none of the gimmicks that journal programs seem so fond of including.

All My Journals Free looks very much like a word processor. There are menus across the top that give users access to text formatting options, tools, a search feature, and so on, and a few buttons down the left side let users quickly access the reader feature, which opens entries in a new window, as well as tools for exporting and backups.

The bulk of All My Journals Free's interface is the space where users type their journal entries. The date is displayed at the top of the screen, and arrow buttons let users quickly navigate backward and forward through entries. The program displays the name of each month across the top of the screen, letting users quickly jump from month to month; a drop-down menu gives easy access to different years. Users can set a password to limit access, an important feature for any journal. The program opens with an entry on the current day that explains the basic features, and an online Help file adds more detail, but we had no trouble figuring out All My Journals Free on our own. Overall, we found All My Journals Free to be among the most attractive and functional journal programs we've found, and we highly recommend it.

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