Mix like a pro with Dj ProMixer Free

Mix beats with this free DJ-designed studio suite.

Digital Multi Soft's Dj ProMixer Free is a basic but capable digital music mixing suite, and it's free. It's based on a premium tool, Dj ProMixer Pro, only with fewer features. It offers a lot -- enough to overcome some confusing steps at setup, not to mention one of the most cluttered interfaces we've seen, though that's actually part of the design. But it offers flexible two-track recording and mixing, automatic beat detection, tracklists, and effects like echo and looping. It has some limitations, such as only six samples per load. You'll still need a microphone and preamp to get the sound into your PC, too. Once there, Dj ProMixer can help you polish your diamond in the rough. You can use Dj ProMixer on a wide range of music files, too, and it comes with some sample beats to help you get started.

As we noted, Dj ProMixer's setup leaves some confusion in its wake as to just what software you're using, and some less-than-stellar translations don't help. For instance, we understand what OK and Cancelar buttons do; we're just not happy when neither does anything. We had to close the program via the Task Manager, but when we opened it again, it behaved much better. Dj ProMixer's user interface fills the screen when you open the program. This DJ-designed panel seems as confusing as a jet fighter's controls at first, but it's actually fairly well configured; it's just slightly overwhelming. It's divided into identical sections for Track 1 and Track 2, separated by a mixer console and featuring a right-hand sidebar with automix, effects, and sampler functions as well as a visual timer. There's a Playlist panel here, and an Explorer tree view there; sliders, bar graph displays, cue buttons -- all the tools of the trade, right where you need them.

Dj ProMIxer's sample beats help get new users up to speed the fun and easy way. It takes some time and practice to master Dj ProMixer Free, but it places some powerful audio production tools in the hands of many who could be the Next Big Thing, but for access to a studio.

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