Share photos taken by you and your friends around the world with Instagram

Instagram packs an arsenal of image-enhancing filters and now supports geotagging with Photo Maps.

Instagram has skyrocketed in the mobile photography scene with its fresh set of photo filters, friendly user interface, and social integration. Instagram is a photography app that allows users to take photos and share their snapshot moments in a social stream.

After taking a photo, you can edit pictures with a variety of effects to create an artistic snapshot at the touch of a finger. The app comes with a rich collection of preset filters to give various effects like old-school vintage colors, grainy black and whites, vibrant retro effects, and more. You can also tag and add captions to each photo and share them with friends.

In version 3.0, Instagram added a new feature called Photo Map. In addition to adding captions, you can now geotag images with location data to create an even more immersive experience. After photos are tagged with location data, Photo Map automatically places the photos on an interactive map and shows where photos are taken. You can also choose to opt out of geotagging for each photo or disable the option entirely. The map supports pinch-to-zoom functions and is an overall snappy experience that brings yet another level of engagement with your network of friends. You can also view Photo Maps of other Instagrammers and browse photos taken at various locations.

Though there isn't too much else you can do with the location tagged photo, Instagram continues to build upon an already responsive app and continues to add new ways to engage users without overwhelming them.

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