3D Face Screensaver

Use this cool three-dimensional screensaver.

If you're looking for something a bit scary for a screensaver, then this simple app just might be for you. 3D Face Screensaver from Philippe Choquette presents the three-dimensional image of Cain, the villain in "RoboCop 2," something that fans of the 1990 film might remember. While this screensaver worked fine, it does try and install another program.

There is no interface for 3D Face Screensaver. Once downloaded, just click on the file named cain.scr to activate the screensaver. You can then watch Cain's face display varying degrees of emotions ranging from happiness to rage to just plain evil. The later just might work to keep kids away from your computer. However, please note that in the process of installing the screensaver, it will ask you to install Hotspot Shield, a free Virtual Private Network. The screensaver doesn't require this secondary app, but you will need to pay attention during the download process.

The app is a screensaver and not much else. In fairness, it does not claim to be anything more than a tribute to the movie. Pressing any other key will return you to your previous screen just like any other screensaver. We found no issues with installing and removing the application.

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